2 months!!..

It’s been a while since my first post, my computer crashed and I hate using my phone for this but today I decided to sick it up. Today I’m writing about my marriage thus far. Can you believe it’s already been close to two months?! I cant! The time has for sure flown by. My husband and I dating for just about 5 years before tying the knot. For two of those years I was still in high school. I was totally into getting married after I graduated. I thought for sure he was going to ask. Every birthday or holiday that came by I wondered if that would be the day. We fought about it often. I was constantly asking about it and he always replied that he was not ready. Not ready? I was lost. He never gave me a reason why just straight up he was not ready. For about 9 months after I had been graduated the thought of that infuriated me. How could I want it so bad, but he did not feel the same. It took a toll on our relationship and I finally decided to give up the idea. I needed to live my life and let the details fall into place. Luckily, we stayed together, I dropped the idea and let life take its course. I moved away after I graduated and he stayed at home. We were only about an hour apart so it didn’t affect us too much. We were able to see each other easily when wanted and we’re also able to remember how blessed we were to have each other when we were missing one another.
One of my biggest worries being together so long before marriage was that nothing would change. We were already beginning to act as if we were married and I wanted excitement to come out of a marriage. Oh boy have the last two months proved me wrong. I moved back home after a year. Found a house to rent and a new job and absolutely loved being so close to him again. After being home for a little over a year it was summer again which meant my birthday was close. I love celebrating things. I was so excited to just spend the day with Holden. We both had to work that day so we made plans for dinner and a movie after work. Seriously, the worst day at work I had ever had! I came home after work, showered threw my hair up into a bun and called Holden so that we could leave. He was gone! He told me he was going to be about 30 minutes late because he was helping a friend who was having truck problems. Really?! This day was getting worse. Eventually he showed up and we get in the truck to leave. He was not driving towards the freeway. At this point I was furious where was he going? We were going to be late! He tells me he needed to change his clothes that they had gotten dirty while helping his friend. We pull in front of his house and he tells me to wait here. While I’m waiting his sister comes to grab me and asks if I will come look at a project she had just finished. As I walked up the driveway I could tell something was up. I stepped into the backyard and I see rose peddles, my family, his family and down on one knee was my Holden with a cake that says Marry Me? Instant flow of tears. I was in shock. I had no idea it was happening. The best day ever! Nine Months later we were married and it was exactly the wedding I had always wanted. He even planned the Honeymoon. I had no worries about it and was never told where we were going until he handed me my boarding pass for the plane that night. So amazing!
Anyway now that we got the long back story out of the way let’s move on to the marriage! It has been incredible. The first thing I will say is I would never change a moment of our lives together. Whether good day or bad day. They all end up being the best days. Holden and I had five years to fight before our marriage so I think that has saved us some trouble. But we have had a few fights. They are always small simple things. We are both very stubborn whether right or wrong we will argue. This being said Holden hates confrontation and it’s actually something I handle very well. I’m extremely straight forward. Holden is the nicest most genuine , people pleaser. He will do and say what you want to here to avoid conflict(unless it’s a very important topic to him then he will fight about it). We have both learned that the faster we move on from out fight and get over it the easier it is. We usually don’t speak for about 30 minutes to an hour then it’s like it never happened. On a plus side we both clean when we are mad so whenever there is an argument the house gets cleaned! Marriage has changed a lot of things. I think differently about everything. Work just isn’t work for me anymore it’s for Holden too. Whether or not I make dinner doesn’t just effect me. Everything I do is now for the both us. I will be the first to tell you marriage is so fun. You learn so many new things in such a short time even when you thought you knew everything about each other. You laugh at the simple things and just enjoy each other. It is the best feeling in the world being so tired after a long day at work, coming home and making dinner and cleaning up after no matter how exhausted you are. Holden is and always will be my best friend, and I am so lucky that I got to marry him. I have a lifetime to look forward to with him and I will cherish every second of it.


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