I got the Hammer Out.

Okay so the title may be deceiving, I actually could not find a hammer in my house. Yes. Sad but true. I even called my husband to ask him where he kept the hammer. He had no idea. I searched high and low and no hammer, so I used my brother in laws hammer instead. Bwah! Don’t judge!
Anyways, to the point. I’m a huge pinterest fanatic. Almost all the pictures on my phone cane from pinterest. When I came across this adorable craft I just had to try it. Never seen an actual name for it so I just call it the yarn stringy thing. Being newly married I’m getting wedding pictures up and I knew these would be perfect along side the new pictures on the wall. I decided to go with hearts for my shape and chose grey as the background color and a soft blue for the yarn. Which is actually an accent color to my living room. Sounds crazy put the more I get it put together the cuter it is. I got all of my supplies from Walmart. I went with pewter grey paint, the blue yarn, white nails and small boards I picked up for 4 bucks! Heck ya! This was so easy to put together and I was also able to personalize it which I absolutely love.
(Not sure if the pictures will load this is all coming from my phone, because my computer sucks!)
-Mariah 20150709_185759



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