Working out!

So I have decided to try something new. Working out! It is not something completely new to me, but since I graduated high school three years ago it has practically been non existent in my life.
Let’s go with a little back story. I have ALWAYS been 100% comfortable with my body. Never have I put my self down for the way I look. I have always been happy with the body I was given and if someone didn’t like it I knew that was their problem. This is still true. I love my body and I love the way I look. Working out to me never has and never will be about losing weight. What is that anyways? Just a silly number if you ask me. This journey I started just one week ago is about being heath and feeling good. Also knowing that I may be able to out run anything scary that might chase me will be a good peace of mind.

That being said, I have found something I believe will be perfect for me. I was a cheerleader in high school so I was pretty fit. Never able to really out run any of the girls my age though. Let’s be honest they all were way more fit than I was, but I didn’t care. Since high school the only physical work I put in was just that, work. My job is a physical one that I am lucky I have. If not for this job it is very possible I would be a cute little marshmallow by now. But everyone loves a good marshmallow 😊.

For about year now I have been pinning multiple pins. ‘Bikini Body with just 2 steps’, ‘Flat abs without all those crunches’. They all sound great but I rarely even tried to attempt them. If I did it lasted one day. I am not here to say they do not work. I’m sure they might but without a guided sort of schedule they were not getting me anywhere.

About one week short of the first month of my marriage my husband had some routine blood work done and was told that he had high triglycerides. Me, being the paranoid person I am, started some research. Basically…FAT. There is alot that contributes to it all and many different opinions that can be told. What we decided to do was eat healthier. That’s it. Pretty simple…kind of. We literally cut out all deep fried food from our diets. Okay people my husband manages a food joint. Not as easy as it sounds. For him it was simple. His self control is much better than mine. While he has not even remotely touched deep fried food. Every now and then I do. But even just that change made my body feel so much better(I’m doing much better with not eating it now).

When I seen the difference just that simple change made I thought I’ve got to do something more. I need to make this a way of living and make sure that it just isn’t a phase. That’s when I got more serious into looking for workouts. Everything I tried never lasted longer than a day. I could not get myself into the mode or even push myself to do it most days. I needed schedule. I needed something to tell me on each day what to do and how to do it. That’s when I stumbled across my new favorite guide in the history of guides. Kayla Itsines 12 week bikini body guide. I looked into for a while and looked at the progress photos and results and I knew this is what I needed.

I ordered the guide just a couple weeks ago and was able to start it last week. Let me tell you it is amazing. Only one week and I feel better. From the first day to last night’s workout I can already feel myself getting stronger. I was able to do more already in that shirt amount of time. I plan to track my experience each week as I go through the guide. This week was a pre-training week, so it will be a few more than 12 weeks but I will post each week. I hope that any of you that need a scheduled, detailed guide like I knew I did will look into this. Only one week into it and I am in love. Research the guide look into it. The raw proof is there that with determination it does work. It’s a focus to help women feel good in their own skin and most importantly to feel healthy and happy with themselves.

I do not know her, at all. This is in no way a sponsored post or anything that I was asked to do. I absolutely love what she has created and it deserves to shared with everyone. I have never seen a guide like this. AMAZING!


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